Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I switched to another blog--please follow deep writing (in another incarnation) there

Dear loyal friends who may be reading this,

This "deep writing" blog has been replaced by another blog called "Coming Up Roses." I did this because I already write a monthly newsletter on deep writing (you are invited to receive it if you wish--just go to http://www.essentialwriting.com/, and click on the "Newsletter Archives and Sign-up" page. I needed a subject that was fresh to me, and infinitely interesting. And so "Coming Up Roses" is it.

It alludes to not only my last name, Rose, but also to the publishing house that has emerged out of the Writing from the Deeper Self process, Rose Press. And the "Press" part is what allows the deep-writing process to come into the picture. There are, when I start to look into it, so many fascinating parallels and concurrent threads between the process of distilling roses into perfume (an alchemical process) and the process of taking what is inside you, somewhere, and drawing it out into a book. So much happens inside the person doing the writing, and that is the alchemy. The "perfume" is what's left on the page for readers to discover and take inside themselves.

So thank you for having followed me here, thus far. Please join me instead on "Coming Up Roses." The URL for this is http://rosepresspublishing.blogspot.com/.

May the depths of being and expression bless your life.

~ Naomi Rose